Shayne Wright, Founder of Paint it Wright

My passion for painting and the established nature of my business led me to make the decision to focus on my painting career. I have been involved in painting for over three decades, starting in 1988.

Prior to that, I was a carpenter for a short stint but I decided to explore my interest for arts and teaching. I enrolled in school for a degree in education with a focus on art and special education. During my time in school, I continued to run my painting business, which provided me with financial support while I pursued my education. Throughout my studies, I gained valuable knowledge and skills in color theory, design principles, and various painting techniques. Upon completing my degree, I began working in the classroom. However, despite the fulfillment I found in teaching, I realized that I missed the hands-on aspect of being a painter and a contractor.

My passion for painting and the established nature of my business led me to make the decision to focus on my painting career instead of teaching.
Since then, I have dedicated myself to my painting business, honing my skills and continuously expanding my knowledge in the field. I take pride in my work, applying the artistic principles I learned through my education to create beautiful and impactful pieces for my clients. Overall, my journey from carpentry to painting to teaching and back to painting has shaped my expertise and passion for the art form. I am grateful for the diverse experiences and skills I have acquired along the way, which have contributed to my success as a painter.

our services

Paint It Wright is a local painting company dedicated to creating beautiful spaces for our neighbors in Ventura. I was born and raised in this community and I have a deep connection and appreciation for my hometown. Our skilled team of painters is committed to providing exceptional painting services that enhance the beauty of homes and businesses throughout Ventura County.


The amazing landscapes of Ventura, California, with its stunning beaches and hillside views, serve as added inspiration. Being able to appreciate and contribute to the local community is something I truly enjoy. Furthermore, the presence of friends and family, as well as the satisfaction of owning a business in Ventura, is also very fulfilling.

our philosophy

By staying on top of trends and offering creative solutions, we’re confident we can exceed your expectations. We’re not just another painting company. We’re your go-to painting company.

I am all about being innovative, creative, and adaptable. The painting industry, especially in California, is always changing and we are embracing those challenges. When new environmental regulations come our way, we see them as opportunities to think outside the box and find fresh ways to incorporate them into our work. But here’s the thing: we don’t just focus on regulations. We also want to make your place look aesthetically appealing while ensuring our work will hold up for years to come. We want to be able to see our clients around town and know we gave them the best job possible.